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From Stephen McConnell <mcconn...@apache.org>
Subject Re: [site] overhaul in the works
Date Wed, 01 Oct 2003 05:46:46 GMT

J Aaron Farr wrote:

>Okay, the very beginnings of some site cleanup work can be seen at:
>This is ONLY the front page.  Most of the links will NOT work.  But it
>should you give an idea of what I'm considering.  I'd like some feedback
>before I do much more.
>I'm not planning on deleting any information, but perhaps updating,
>repackaging, and moving around a bit.  I want things to be easier to
>find and have a strong focus on new component developers.
>So, thoughts? 

Big improvement over current home page. Will menus be expandable or is this
a flat structure?  Which tool are you using?


Left Menu Content

Under Project:
 - the "License" submenu could be moved under "Resources"
 - Who We Are can be merged with Community
Under Product:
 - Break "Containers" into two entries - "Fortress" and "Merlin"
 - Sandbox should be moved to Resources (its not product)
 - Related should be moved to Resources
Under Documetation:
 - API should be removed (apis should be provided under each product)

General comments:
1. either kill "Avalon Main" on the left or "Home" on the right.
2. too much visual noise in the header - i.e. one of the logos
   should go
3. remove "Sandbox" from the horizontal menu - keep focus on products
4. horizontal menu items should be either brand *or* group
   E.g.: brand breakdown:
     "Fortress", "Merlin", "Cornerstone", "Excalibur", "Framework"
   E.g.: group breakdown:
     "Containment", "Components", "Utilities", "Framework"


IMVHO its too visually busy (but I think resolvable by removing one of 
the logos).

>Does it accurately describe Avalon?

Cheers, Steve.



Stephen J. McConnell

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