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From <aok...@bellsouth.net>
Subject CVS change notification via email
Date Fri, 31 Oct 2003 16:14:40 GMT
While working on patches I came to realize the value of having CVS notifications sent to a
list.  It would be nice to know when someone updates the CVS repository.  Have you guys ever
looked at the scripts that send email notification from CVS on commits?  Would you guys be
interested in doing that or is that too much content to through into the mailing lists?

Just an idea that I thought I'd pose.  I try to use the watch capability in CVS but it really
only works if everyone follows a certain set of standards with the CVS edit command etc and
that's a PITA.

It would be nice to have an eclipse plugin that registered on a JMS topic for CVS updates
to interact with a developer and show them diffs when they get committed.  That would be way
cool.  Better yet you can do peer to peer communication between Avalon guys and have the plugin
communicate local working directory changes and allow for instant messaging to allow for collaboration.
 This way we can catch conflicts at the point they occur and handle them when the stack is
fresh in the mind.  Would be a nice XP feature for the group but I'm just dreaming.  

Back to reality.  Do you guys see value in CVS notification via email?


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