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From Stephen McConnell <mcconn...@apache.org>
Subject [CANDIDATE] Merlin 3.0 RC3 final
Date Sun, 14 Sep 2003 14:54:35 GMT

Release candidate RC3 of Merlin 3.0 is now available.


Changes between RC2 and RC3 include the following:

  1. repository seperation

     Under RC2 (and prior releases) the repository used
     by the merlin system contained both system jar files
     and related resources together with user jars and
     resources. This release includes changes that seperate
     a system repository from a user repository.  The
     default user repository is ${merlin.home}/repository
     and default system repository is set to the
     ${merlin.home}/system directory.  This seperation will
     enable more rigorouse security controls in future
     versions of Merlin and while providing greater
     reliability under the current release.

     Changes have also been included in the merlin plugin
     to reflect the user/system seperation.  Existing
     installations of Merlin will need to update the merlin
     plugin from the binary install.

  2. addition of support for .block suffix

     Minor update to the DefaultContainmentModel to recognize
     the .block suffix.  This enables the registration of
     block.xml descriptors under names such as
     james-server-3.0a.block which more naturally fits with
     the maven repository structure.

  3. user repository population

     Repository interfaces have been updated to enable
     experimental installation of bundled jar files and
     resources into the user repository via the command line
     -install argument.  This should simplify install procedures
     for applications such as OpenIM, Phoneix JMX, James, etc.

  4. proxy credentials update

     The declaration of credentials under the kernel proxy
     directive is now optional.  Documention concerning the
     proxy directive is updated to reflect current
     implementation status.

  5. cli documetation updates

     CLI documentation has been updated and now includes a
     seperation of primary versus experimental command line
     options.  In addition the documentation has been updated
     to reflect the replacement of the -system argument with
     the -repository argument.  The -repository argument
     enables declaration of an alternative local repository
     consitent with the user/system repository seperation.

This release addresses all outstanding issues and should be
considered as a final candidate.



Stephen J. McConnell

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