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From Stephen McConnell <mcconn...@apache.org>
Subject [CANDIDATES] updated candidates
Date Fri, 12 Sep 2003 21:11:43 GMT

Updates to the release candidates are now available at the following URL:


If you already have an installation of Merlin in place, please read the
update instructions at the end of this email.

Changes include:

  avalon-framework-4.1.5 RC4

    Includes migration of the AbstractLogEnabled class
    from the impl to api package and removal of the
    RC reference on packaged jar files.

  excalibur-configuration-1.1 RC2

    Includes full project documetation and removal of
    the RC reference on packaged jar files.

  excalibur-i18n-1.1 RC2

    Includes full project documetation and removal of
    the RC reference on packaged jar files.

  avalon-meta-1.1 RC2

    Includes numerouse documentation updates, correction
    to the api dependencies (supporting jvm 1.3 usage),
    and correction to javadoc links. Removal of
    the RC reference on packaged jar files.

  merlin-3.0 RC2

    Package description updates, changes to the build
    procedure to make merlin build independent of a local
    checkout of the meta package, resolve CRLF and protection
    flags on .sh files and related readmes, resolution of
    <shortDescription> issue when builfing with maven RC,
    updated install notes, addition of ASL license to
    documetation and tutorial sources, removal of incomplete
    examples, updates and corrections to javadoc links,
    addition of a default security policy descriptor, update
    kernel context to use <host path="xxx"/> in preference to
    <host>xxx</host>. Removal of the RC reference on packaged
    jar files and simplification of jar names.  Jar files
    from the merlin project packaged with the release include:

    * avalon-repository-spi-1.0b1.jar
    * avalon-repository-impl-1.0b1.jar
    * avalon-meta-api-1.1.jar
    * avalon-meta-spi-1.1.jar
    * avalon-meta-impl-1.1.jar
    * avalon-meta-tools-1.1.jar
    * avalon-meta-plugin-1.1.jar
    * avalon-activation-api-1.0b1.jar
    * avalon-activation-spi-1.0b1.jar
    * avalon-activation-impl-1.0b1.jar
    * avalon-composition-api-1.0b1.jar
    * avalon-composition-spi-1.0b1.jar
    * avalon-composition-impl-1.0b1.jar
    * avalon-extension-spi-1.0.jar
    * avalon-extension-impl-1.0.jar
    * merlin-kernel-spi-1.0b1.jar
    * merlin-kernel-impl-1.0b1.jar
    * merlin-bootstrap-1.0.jar
    * merlin-plugin-1.0.jar

If you have an existing installation of Merlin you will need to
replace the avan-meta and merlin plugins with the versions provided
in this release.  You will also need to update you merlin installation
direcectory by copying  the supplied distribution over an existing

The only outstanding point seems to be the proxy credentials issue
which I'll discuss further on the dev list.

Cheers, Steve.


Stephen J. McConnell

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