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From J Aaron Farr <fa...@apache.org>
Subject Re: [phoenixjms] PhoenixJMS + MDS Release
Date Wed, 10 Sep 2003 05:35:06 GMT
On Wed, 2003-09-10 at 01:21, J Aaron Farr wrote:
> Greetings!
> After much too long of a delay, we now have new releases of PhoenixJMS
> and the new PhoenixMDS packages.  

Now with the release out, I want to add that I had a number of issues
with PhoenixJMS and Merlin.  Some of which might be my own fault, but in
any case, here's a list:

1. Security Policies:

    The Phoenix SAR doesn't require I have any special security policy,
    but when I run the same code in merlin, I get all sorts of security
    violations.  The solution is to add a policy file and include it in
    the JVM options.  We might want to include a default policy file in
    the Merlin distribution to help accommodate this.

2. urn:avalon:home

    Already discussed in an earlier thread.  The new release assumes
    we can use the -app command line option.

3. block imports

    I had trouble with this, but I think it was my misunderstanding of
    how imports work.  You can see some of what I was trying in the 
    mds-test module in PhoenixJMS CVS.  Basically, the imports just 
    didn't work the way I expected.

4. Asynchronous start ups

    So I was launching a listener component and a publisher component
    and I needed to make sure the listener started first, so I added
    a Thread.sleep(1000) or something like that in the publisher's
    lifecycle method (start or initialize, I can't remember).  Now,
    the interesting thing is that Merlin happened to decide to launch
    the publisher first.  This resulted in delaying the listener which
    has no dependencies on the publisher.  I expected asynchronous
    startups.  Am I missing something here?

5. Odd startup behavior
    I swear a couple times Merlin started up more than one instance of
    my MDSManager component, which has a singleton lifestyle, but
    I didn't have enough time to track down where this was coming from.
    Perhaps I just had something misconfigured.  Has anyone else seen
    anything similar to this?

Just some observations.

 jaaron  <http://jadetower.org>

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