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From J Aaron Farr <fa...@apache.org>
Subject Re: [merlin] urn:avalon:home defaults
Date Tue, 09 Sep 2003 01:33:37 GMT
On Mon, 2003-09-08 at 20:12, Stephen McConnell wrote:
> Farr, Aaron wrote:
> Spit, grumble, spit ...!


> Issue (2) - assuming we seperate ${merlin.home} from the repository, 
> e.g. ${merlin.repository}, and we default to using
> there is nasty downside (as I found out back with an early incarnation
> of Merlin 2) - its drop dead easy to destroy info by simply launching
> container and have it write over data in a system wide shared 
> repository.  The much better solution is to plan deployment
> For example, with James running as an NT service, I declare an
> home directory that I know is explicity under James control and will
> be impacted by any other concurrent deployment of James.

Are you declaring the home directory via a custom context parameter or
via some special command line parameter?

> Issue (3) - the Phoneix "apps" directory is actually a combination of 
> two seperate and distinct notions in Merlin.  The "apps" directory 
> serves as an active deployment directory (drop you sar file here), and
> the working home directory.  In Merlin there is a deployment path 
> (possibly containing multiple directories and executable jar files),
> a seperate home directory.  These two aspects should be kept seperate
> all respects.

Okay, I can see that separating the ideas can be advantageous.

On a separate note, I think there might be something to say for the
simplicity of "drop your app here" deployment style.  It's
  1. Simple
  2. Familiar (like .war and .ear files)
  3. Easy for apps which aren't using maven or don't have all their
dependencies up in maven repositories.

Personally I think maven & repositories is the way to go, but support
for other situations would be nice.

> However ....
> I do think that there is room for improvement.  Currently the working 
> directory is based on the merlin deployment home (specified by -home
> defaulting to ${user.dir}) plus the "/home" suffix.  If I do something
> like the following:
>   $ merlin -home apps my-deployment-dir
> I end up with a deployment home of
>   ${user.dir}/apps/home
> I think the general user experience would be better (and closer to the
> phoenix model) if the resulting deployment home was
>   ${user.dir}/apps
> Consequently the path to urn:avalon:home would be:
>   $(user.dir}/apps/${partition.name}/${component.name}
> The difference here is that "${user.dir}/home" would be the default
deployment home and that any -home command line parameter would override
that value. I.e. - no appending of "/home".  
> How does that sound?


I think 

$ merlin -home some/dir/path/here block.xml

should really end up as:

urn:avalon:home = some/dir/path/here/${partition}/${component}

In other words, drop the ${user.dir}  simply because if I want
${user.dir} then just dropping the leading slash of any directory path
should give me that.  It also allows for something like:

$ merlin -home $MERLIN_HOME/apps  block.xml 

for those of us who insist on such madness. :)

How does that sound?

 jaaron  <http://jadetower.org>

PS - sorry if this is double posted.  my email client like to swap my
default email address on me.

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