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From Leo Simons <leosim...@apache.org>
Subject [ann][components] cornerstone release candidate 2
Date Sat, 16 Aug 2003 13:42:10 GMT
Hi gang,

A new avalon-components release candidate (RC2) is up for review and 
comment at


I'd like all users of these components to test it. I would like you all 
to add all open issues, requests, bug reports, etc, relating to these 
components to this wiki page:


in addition to sending them to the dev@avalon.apache.org mailing list.
Why the wiki? I hate working with bugzilla, and we don't have jira set 
up for cornerstone. The usual guidelines for bug reports/requests/etc 
apply (http://www.apache.org/dev/contributors.html) of course.

I would like to see everyone interested in helping out looking at that 
page, adding to it, and either committing fixes, or submitting patches, 
depending on cvs karma, of course. I am not actually planning to do a 
lot of coding on this stuff myself but I will try and apply all patches 
that are sent in.

I will cut another release candidate roughly every week or so until I 
have the idea that the components are ready for release (which might be 
as early as next week), at which point I will start the PMC voting process.

If you want or need a quality release of these components, now is your 
chance to help make it happen :D

best regards,

- Leo Simons

= Release Candidate build sequence log =

cd ~/cvs/avalon-components
cvs -z3 up -P -d

= Changes since RC1 =

mcconnell    2003/08/12 04:57:58

   Modified:    .        project.xml
                connection-impl/conf block.xml
                datasources-impl/conf block.xml
                scheduler-impl/conf block.xml
                sockets-impl/conf block.xml
                store-impl/conf block.xml
                threads-impl/conf block.xml
                threads-tutorial/conf block.xml
   Remove project.xml reference to ${maven.conf.dir} which is not 
functioning nrmally in maven beta-10.  Also, updated block descriptors 
to bring then up to 3.0 format.

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