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From Paul Hammant <P...@ThoughtWorks.net>
Subject Re: urban legend ...
Date Tue, 05 Aug 2003 14:00:04 GMT

>> The A/F is the LCD, but can slowly evolve to include such things as the
>> dependency, configuration, assmebly and other issues. The direction of
>> such evolution should be the result from the feedback from Merlin,
>> Fortress, Phoenix, et al...
> +1

-1, having been in the thick of many years of Avalon development, I 
firmly believe that no single meta model will ever be acceptible to all. 
<devils advocate>Keep on arguing and purging developers and lurkers and 
you may get to a community small enough to prove me wrong.</devils advocate>

A-F's Java interfaces is what I propose is the only art worth uniting on 
here.  Claims for emerging meta, will yield a continued decade long 

- Paul

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