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From Niclas Hedhman <nic...@hedhman.org>
Subject Fractures of this community
Date Mon, 04 Aug 2003 15:41:59 GMT

Hi all,

being mostly a listener, I need to vent my feelings about the recent
events here in Avalonland.

First of all,
If you think everyone in the world is wrong, then it is probably yourself
that needs to change.

I say that in respect to the current debate-makers, who IMVHO are more
concerned about hammering out and drive out their own opinion, than to
listen to good ideas.

Berin - I think, that as a PMC Chair you are detrimental to this
community, and should consider to resign from the post. You are forcing a
way upon others, that these people are not interested in. After all, this
is OSS and not a corporation. People are here because of fun, and your
"management" is killing the fun. Stefano left because he was sick and
tired of the politics here, Peter D was ousted for "co-operation problems"
or whatever you want to call it, and you are on collision course with
I'm told and believe that you are a nice guy, but I, for one, think your
methods are not appropriate here. Being a committer is probably a better

Stephen - I always respect people with foresight and design skills, like
you have, but your temper and the way you express yourself, is often
offensive in subtle ways, which is worse than "Niclas, you are moron!"
expressions. You are right in many aspects of Merlin's future, and I think
you have done a great job so far, both in development and user support.

I would like the Avalon PMC to consider;

1. A new PMC Chair. There are plenty of reasonable and able candidates.

2. Drop the Avalon Containers!! All of them! Let them live independently,
at Apache or elsewhere. Then start working on a "Container Specs", such as
the meta-info. The existing containers can then evolve independently, with
their own "experience gathering" that is brought back to "Framework Land"
as user requests of evolution.

I would like to highlight that there are some very good talent in Avalon,
that I think is about to give up; Leo & Leo and Peter R are all always
making some very serious observations, but often overrun by Berin/Stephen.
This duo should not be let to destroy the community, because of their
constant in-fighting.

Niclas Hedhman

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