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From "Farr, Aaron" <Aaron.F...@am.sony.com>
Subject RE: Volunteers for Avalon Newsletter snippet?
Date Fri, 08 Aug 2003 17:15:51 GMT

J. Aaron Farr
  (724) 696-7653

> -----Original Message-----
> From: Berin Loritsch [mailto:bloritsch@apache.org]
> Sent: Friday, August 08, 2003 11:19 AM
> To: Avalon Developers List
> Subject: Volunteers for Avalon Newsletter snippet?
> subject says it all.
> I am busy preparing a release in-house so I won't be able to make the
> fast approaching deadline.
> Please post it here first as a courtesy.

How about:

The recently flurry of activity on the Avalon mailing lists has centered on
defining the next generation of Avalon containers and preparing a subsequent
roadmap.  With the dust beginning to settle, the Merlin project is poised to
be released and become the flagship Avalon container, supporting the Avalon
4 Framework and previous containers (Fortress and Phoenix).

Avalon Meta

In an effort to standardize the various meta-info schemes used in Avalon
containers, the avalon-meta project was created in the sandbox repository.
Originally developed under the Merlin container, the meta project will
combine the AMTAGS (Avalon Meta Tags) proposal and the original Merlin meta

Avalon + .NET

Work on a C# implementation of the Avalon framework accelerated this last
[someone fill in the details please -- I haven't followed this much :)]  


Is that accurate?  What am I missing?  

Did anything actually get released in July?  (an Excalibur component or


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