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From "hammett" <hamm...@uol.com.br>
Subject Re: Attributes Proof of Concept
Date Wed, 13 Aug 2003 01:39:45 GMT
----- Original Message -----
From: "Leo Sutic" <leosutic@apache.org>

> [401 classes]
> First, I loaded the classes. Then, in the same classloader, I loaded them
> again - this tells you how effective the caching is. (I.e. do we pay any
> penalty for loading classes that are already loaded?)
> First time (not cached): 1292 msec.
> Second time (cached)   : 30 msec.

Maybe I didn't make myself clear, as you stated. To see my point change your
test to load a class a look for say three attributes. That's my point. What
is the proportion of components/services that does have some attribute
expecting someone to check it and for that does not. Is it smart to check
them all? I don't think so. But when I said "who am I to say anything" I
tried do meant "I haven't participate in projects like this before, and all
I'm saying is based on speculation, felling". [Does someone here have ever
read "Six Thinking Hats"?]

For the records: I already contributed for cruisecontrol a few times last
year  :-)

I have a dream that someday someone will build a assembly like package that
will contain bootstrap data that could be used by the container to know
where every component/service is. In the meantime, the solution proposed by
you is fine and will work and I don't like to delay anything for any reason.


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