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From Leo Simons <leosim...@apache.org>
Subject Re: Avalon Context Survey
Date Sun, 27 Jul 2003 21:41:23 GMT
Farr, Aaron wrote:
> Wow.  Even going on a short vacation around here leads to a dangerously
> large inbox upon return. :)

scary, innit? ;)

> In the meantime I've started on summarizing the current container supplied
> context keys.

search the archive for "Leo Sutic" and "context" and similar stuff. We 
had a grande debate a few months back and I'm guessing everything pretty 
much got docced and explained in the process.

> And why is there no way to get a list of all context values from the Context
> interface?  All we have is get(Object key).

I'm not up to speed on the original design decision, but the CoP/IoC 
idea sorta means that a component should know what is available from the 
context and what is not, and that the container should not initialize it 
when there's a problem (ie cascade ContextException on a bad get() back 
to the container).

I don't think there's enough of a use case here to warratn a change. 
Please attempt to change our minds ;)

Of course, if it were me, and I were to make the decision again now, I'd 
just use the Map interface :D


- Leo

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