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From david.g...@hic.gov.au
Subject Re: Merlin's Future with Avalon
Date Sun, 20 Jul 2003 23:14:12 GMT

Reply in line.

Stephen McConnell <mcconnell@apache.org> on 18/07/2003 17:42:53

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To:    Avalon Developers List <dev@avalon.apache.org>

Subject:    Re: Merlin's Future with Avalon

Nicola Ken Barozzi wrote:

> B**t, Stephen. You are just generating negative energy, sit down a
> minute and think of it. It's *not* about how to remove "divergent"
> things, it's about how to *integrate* them.

Look, I agree with your 100% All of the "divergency" rubbish it's just
plain b**t. The real important thing here is thinking, ideas and
effort that is going into the issues the deal with a standard Avalon
containment platform.

> Berin said:
> "Before I can be OK with that, we need to ensure that all user
> components are defined consistently across all containers.  The meta
> API separated out is a step in that direction.  We need to be assured
> that the same component used in Merlin will continue to function in
> Fortress, and vice versa. "
An observation from a list lurker - I think you all agree that
is a good goal so now perhaps the various parties should accept this and
start developing the standard for the Avalon containers.

Perhaps if you can all step back and agree on that, progress can be made.
May take
a little bit of give and take but both the developers and the users of the
various containers will benefit.

(Not taking any sides)

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