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From "Unico Hommes" <Un...@hippo.nl>
Subject [SourceResolve] need for mime-type mappings
Date Mon, 07 Jul 2003 14:03:34 GMT

Hi all,

I was thinking that we need a common way to map mime-types in Avalon and
that sourceresolve package is the place to put it. I have two use cases
that raise the need for such a utility both related to sourceresolve:
one is FTPSource where I need to determine what FTP transfer mode to use
(ascii or binary) and the other is a XML database backed Source that
stores both DOM objects and Blob objects. Depending on whether the
location string identifies  one or the other I want to the SourceFactory
to return an XMLIzable Source or a plain one.

Now in Cocoon there exists a utility class MIMEUtils that loads a
mapping file for cases that the Cocoon Context object is not in the know
about such things. I'd like to have a more general solution to this
problem, and one that resides in the avalon namespace. The fact that
systems have existing ways of providing such a service (Servlet API
provides ServletContext.getMimeType() method and web.xml markup for
declaring these mappings) suggests to me a service role instead of a
static utility class.

interface MimeTypeMapping
	String getMimeType( String file );

class ServletMimeTypeMapping
	private ServletContext m_servletContext;
	void contextualize( Context context )
		m_servletContext = context.get( "servlet-context" );
	String getMimeType( String file )
		return m_servletContext.getMimeType( file );

class ConfigurableMimeTypeMapping
	private Map mimeTypeMap;
	void configure( Configuration configuration )
		Configuration[] children = configuration.getChildren(
"mime-mapping" );
		for ( int i = 0; children.length < i; i++ )
			mimeTypeMap.put( children[i].getChild(
"extension" ).getValue(), 
				children[i].getChild( "mime-type"
	String getMimeType( String file )
		return mimeTypeMap.get( file.getExtension() );


What do you think. Would this be a useful addition to sourceresolve?


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