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From Berin Loritsch <blorit...@apache.org>
Subject Re: limiting the scope of avalon
Date Tue, 29 Jul 2003 13:59:48 GMT
Stephen McConnell wrote:

> Berin Loritsch wrote:
>> Stephen McConnell wrote:
>>> Berin Loritsch wrote:
>>>> ?!  The only things we officially have in place are ECM, Fortress, and
>>>> Phoenix.  It should be limited to that function set. 
>>> Berin:
>>> I would like to draw you attention to the following:
>>> * The excalibur-lifecycle package is released and is a part of the 
>>> Avalon toolkit.
>>> * The meta-info package is in sandbox and is certainly ready for 
>>> release as is.
>>> * The Merlin container is also ready for release.
>>> I don't think we should ignore our responsibilities with respect to 
>>> released packages, and I don't think we should promote an artificial 
>>> and self-serving discrimination against the contributions that exist 
>>> in the sandbox.
>> I hear you loud and clear.  However, getting back to my question about
>> how to manage the growth of APIs, please let me draw your attention to 
>> the
>> following:
>> * I would like meta-info and Merlin released
>> * For those function areas that we have not all had time to digest, 
>> namely
>>   the extension meta info, I would like a breakin period.
>> * The rest of the meta-info standard is ready for release without any
>>   reservations. 
> Berin:
> I've put a lot of time into the separation of the meta-info package out 
> of Merlin and into a avalon-meta. This included documentation, APIs, 
> synchronizing on tags, etc.  During this process:
> * I have been accused by you of being diverse.

Look, maybe diverse was a bad choice of terms.  However, the fact remains
that there were different ways of doing things, and we needed to come
together on it.  That was my intent.  Unfortunately you chose to focus on
the word "diverse".

> * I have been told by you that a release will not happen until your 
> issues are resolved

You have the same right to raise issues for things I propose to release.

> * I have been accused of ignoring your views.

You have not recognized them at all.  You keep restating your views without
acknowleging mine.  Can you blame me for accusing you that?

> * I have been told by you to pull in line or leave Avalon.

Right.  You stated that you will choose not to abide by the decision or
outcome of a vote, ignoring your peers.  I was well within my rights to
call you on the carpet on this.

> This really has created an environment where I do not feel confident in 
> accepting your statements without a lot a suspicion and skepticism. I 
> think it would be better for everyone concerned if I simply move the 
> avalon-meta package back into Merlin, moving everything into the merlin 
> namespace, and move forward from there.  This will enable the assessment 
> of Merlin's approach to meta-management, tags, tools, extensions, 
> components, etc. - and from this, hopefully and more informed decision 
> can be taken at some time in the future.

Don't do that.  We have been making progress, and I would be against destroying
that progress.  In fact, do not move anything in the sandbox CVS.  Let's hash
out the issues and move forward.

Secondly, Merlin will never get released unless you can work with the rest of
us.  You can't run and hide in a corner just because you reached a little


"They that give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety
  deserve neither liberty nor safety."
                 - Benjamin Franklin

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