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From Stephen McConnell <mcconn...@apache.org>
Subject Re: [ANTI-VOTE] Lifecycle Extension Tags
Date Mon, 28 Jul 2003 15:04:48 GMT

Leo Sutic wrote:

>>From: Stephen McConnell [mailto:mcconnell@apache.org] 
>>Calling for a vote is about the least productive thing you 
>>could do to get consensus.
>I've done that many times in order to force *a* decision 
>either way. It is a great way to say "OK, we've fired off
>our best arguments, let's put the issue to the team."

Forcing a decision when all of the cards are on the table and the 
choices are valid is ok.  This is forcing a decision without a solution 
and introducing a fracture into whatever we do from here.  We have lived 
with the ECM Phoenix divide for long enough - do we really have to do 
for divsion again and again?  Forcing a vote at this time is a blunder 
of major proportion.  The questions are important - the issue need to 
resolved.  I've already explain that we need to either complete things 
properly or abstract ourselves. 

>>I will consider it totally invalid and I certainly will not 
>>feel bound by any outcome.
>So does that mean we can ignore your votes, vetoes and so
>on as we see fit from now on?

Feel free to do whatever you want.

There is simply insufficient understanding of this implications
of the options that Berin put forward to call a vote at this time. 
I cannot support or endorce a process that that I know is faulted
in motivation and technical argument.

>Stephen, the votes aren't something you can choose to ignore
>when and as you see fit. If a vote is completely invalid, then
>nobody will vote, or everyone will vote -1. Right now there
>are people voting +1. That in itself makes it valid.

Yes - there are people voting +1.

Do they understand what they are voting for?  My guess is that they will 
assume the very simplistic line from Berin that this is about a 
namespace.  They will not take into account the ramifications.  They 
probably will not appreciate that this is a divisive point in terms of 
the avalon component model. They will probably not appreciate that it 
introduces a separation at the core of Avalon and from that separation 
there will eternally be those that do and those that don't.



Stephen J. McConnell

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