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From Paul Hammant <P...@ThoughtWorks.net>
Subject Re: exCornerstone components.
Date Sun, 27 Jul 2003 22:39:20 GMT

>> like the idea, but some reservations :D
> I'm reversing direction completely. A little bit of experimentation 
> over the holidays (yes I'm an addict) has shown me that "type III IoC" 
> is, in fact, one of the best ideas of 2003 I've seen so far. I hope to 
> write and donate to picocontainer an essay lining out why, but in the 
> meantime I'd just want to point out to y'all my reservations are 
> henceforth lifted. 

I'm likely to reverse myself dude. I don't have the time to bite into 
another chore. Thoughtworks is giving me lots to do, inside and outside 
of client hours.

I've dropped the ball on a number of Avalon related things. For example 
Sevak. It needs a little attention, and I should help finish it off.

Please also be aware (folks) that PicoContainer is a place that PeterD 
hangs out. As you know I continue to be a friend to him.  Pico embraces 
the multi-container design, that we no longer allow here. If you like a 
reborn Lowest Common Denominator (LCD) and multiple visions of component 
compatible (but potentially competing and divergent) containers. That 
said all my friends here are welcome there. We are not going to reopen 
old wounds though. It is also trying to be an XP project. Simplest 
thing, TDD et al.

Death to Static! Long live IoC!! (what we all have in common)

- Paul

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