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From Robert McIntosh <rob...@bull-enterprises.com>
Subject Re: [RT] Distant Future...
Date Wed, 23 Jul 2003 16:02:42 GMT
Speaking as a user and not a developer of Avalon, I too looked at Pico a 
day or so ago when the subject of Fractal came up. About the only thing 
I didn't like is the configuration as I really like the configuration 
ability of the framework. One thing I did do when I moved to Fortress 
was borrow what the Keel folks did and allow separate config files for 
each component and when the container starts up build one big file.

I also had to do some hacking of my own that would probably make you 
guys puke with disgust :-). Basically I have dependencies between a 
couple of components and if one of these components does not configure 
or startup correctly, I needed that component to tell the container to 
not service anything, and on top of that I needed the container to 
provide the 'user' with a message as to why it cannot service anything. 
For example, if the JDBC pool component cannot establish a connection, 
then my persistence component certainly won't work. So instead of 
throwing null pointer or 'cannot locate component' or some such message 
that requires a lot of digging in a log file, the container just says 
'could not get a connection to DB', or something like that. I understand 
that Merlin and Phoenix have dependency capabilities, but I just didn't 
like the deployment aspect of them. Too 'ejb' like, i.e. separate jars, 
sars, blocks or whatever.

Someone mentioned the roles file as well. My only real beef with that is 
that I never found any real good docs on how to use it. An example here 
or there, none of which worked for me because they were out of date or 
whatever. But, once I got it working, i've never had to mess with it again.

Anyway, my .02.

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