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From Stephen McConnell <mcconn...@apache.org>
Subject Re: [AMTAGS] Updating the spec
Date Tue, 22 Jul 2003 03:38:43 GMT

J Aaron Farr wrote:

>On Mon, 2003-07-21 at 21:30, Stephen McConnell wrote:
>>I'm not keen on shfting this outside of the @avalon namspace because its 
>>not different to a @avalon.dependency or @avalon.context - they all 
>>relate to lifecycle fulfilment.
>Is the issue with @avalon namespace that it should be reserved for only
>those tags/features which every container supports? ie- Phoenix doesn't
>have lifecycle extensions yet therefore @avalon.stage should be
>@lifecycle.stage (or whatever)?  Or is it because lifecycle extensions
>are part of excalibur and not framework?
>Just trying to understand what and why we want to reserve the @avalon
>namespace for.  I suppose this is more a question for Berin.
>>Attributes are present in the meta-info model at the level of component, 
>>context, dependency, extension, service export, service definition, and 
>>stage.  Under the @avalon scheme the only attribute handlined relates to 
>>component (via assignment of attributes under the <info> block using the 
>>@avalon.attribute tag.  All of the other constructs are basically 
>>ignored.  A solution to this that was suggested by Leo it to allow these 
>>tags to contain any attributes, and if the attribute is not "type" or 
>>"version", we assign the attribute name and value as an attribute of the 
>>respective meta-info element. 
>>For example:
>>  @avalon.dependency type="MyService" version="1.1" color="red"
>>would generate the following XML form:
>>  <dependency type="MyService" version="1.1">
>>    <attributes>
>>      <attribute key="color" value="red"/>
>>    </attributes>
>>  </dependency>
>Not sure how much I like this, but it works.  Another alternative would
>be a set of tags like:
>@avalon.dependency.attribute name="color" value="red"
>But I'm not sure if I like that any better.

Problem here is *which*dependency?

@avalon.dependency key="primary" type="Aaaa" policy="PKCS12"
@avalon.dependency key="secondary" type="Aaaa" policy="PKCS7"

The policy attribute has to be associated with a named (key) 
dependency.  Using @avalon.dependency.attribute does not work unless you 
do something like @avalon.dependency.primary.attribute (i.e. 
@avalon.dependency.[key].attribute or something equivalent).




Stephen J. McConnell

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