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From Vinay Chandran <vinay...@yahoo.com>
Subject Re: Custom Service Attributes
Date Thu, 17 Jul 2003 04:02:37 GMT
> The reason
> for the existance of 
> all of these things your describing are related to
> distributed service 
> support.  

So whats the current use of urn:avalon:service.type.?
I assume its just hanging in there to be lifted to 
higher grounds during a built of distributed 
Yet if we provide for a generic means to plugin 
extension points(eclipse style ) to the way we resolve
and export services from component types , we are
actually addressing some of our concerns of dist'n.
I was looking at a flexible means for doing this
since not all of the platform instances
 might have this need. 
One way to handle this by making block.xml
executable. (Infact I could dream further of
making all descriptors executable,if needed).
By executable I mean , the descriptors although has
most of its parts dead, yet can contain jelly(ant)
style tasks which can provide magic right from under
the carpet.
This might thus lead to  a scenario where we have
descriptors itself acting as a glue to bind components
within a container and provide 'extra' magic out 
from them.

Thus(one can imagine),

   ....... (standard stuff)


Anyways this is definitely stetching things further.

Yet I would be truely interested in understanding
how you have implemented a 'heavy' custom appliance
to provide custom decorating features to service

> However, there is more work needed before
> bringing these 
> features out of the closet - namely the introduction
> of a solution for 
> remote service notification so that we can
> synchronize deployment, 
> suspension, re-deployment and decommissioning
> actions across different 
> JVMs.
Seems like time to get AltRMI into this act.
(maybe it can be the hero of this movie one day :-) )


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