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From "hammett" <holive...@cimcorp.com.br>
Subject Re: [RRT] Getting back to the basics (long)
Date Thu, 31 Jul 2003 14:39:48 GMT
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From: "Berin Loritsch" <bloritsch@apache.org>

> > I was wondering about "type checking". Seems that every check occurs in
> > type loading/initialization. Maybe this type checking could be done in a
> > transparent way using ContextBoundObject/Interception in .Net. Then just
> > simple "new" could fire every checking and no explicit type checking
> > be necessary. Anyway is too soon to say. If I'm in the right path
> > that and I would create some samples, tests, labs..
> TO be honest, I wouldn't want to port it over to .NET.  I think with .NET
> can explore some new territory where we don't need an object model for the
> meta information.  Esp. since in .NET the attributes are part of the
> In Java things are a bit different in the short term.

Yes yes! I always thought in porting using attributes. No xinfo files, etc.
The code could be something like:

namespace Apache.Avalon.Playground
 using System;
 using Apache.Avalon.Attributes;

 [Component("primary-component", Lifestyle.Singleton)]
 public class Primary : IPrimaryService, IContextualizable
  [RequiredContextEntry("file", typeof(System.IO.File))]
  public void Contextualize(Context context)

I just don't about the Version as .net handles side-by-side execution. Or
maybe the dependencies could be specified in a assembly full name way.

> Part of the implications of the technical part of the RRT I put forth was
> in an ideal world, the object model for meta information would not be
> In fact, it would be limiting the potential of what the container could

Maybe you're right. .Net assemblies includes dependency information, version
and other things meta project included.

> I think that .NET provides the clean slate we can start with to use the
> I set forth.

How about ContextBoundObjects ? When the container code will start to be

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