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From "Chris Geer" <cg...@comcast.net>
Subject RE: CSFramework & CSContainer Thoughts...
Date Sat, 19 Jul 2003 17:21:00 GMT
I agree that having something up on the website would be helpful. The only
reason I found this was because I was digging through CVS.

I do have some time that I could commit to help out on this project. I've
been going over the code that already exists in CVS a little and had some
questions about how some of it is structured.

If there is something you need looked at and/or coded just let me know.

Chris Geer

By the way, is CVS up to date or do you have newer code that you have been
working on that isn't checked in yet?

-----Original Message-----
From: Yauheny Mikulski [mailto:ymikulski@lycos.com] 
Sent: Saturday, July 19, 2003 8:51 AM
To: Avalon Developers List
Subject: Re: CSFramework & CSContainer Thoughts...


>One possible solution to this would be to load each >application into its
>app domain. This would allow each application its own >DLL suite to be
>loaded, however, no DLLs could be shared between any >two, and they would
>each have to have their own copies. 
>These were just a few things I was thinking about for >this port, but they
>are based on the concept I have of being able to >deploy different groups
>components as "applications/services" where each >application could have
>own semi-isolated environment. 
I believe the first version of CSContainer will be built on the base
principals of Fortress and will contain the base functionality of it but
(and here you absolutely right) we won't forget about Application Domains
and .NET Remoting technology. 
C# allows to do that without strong efforts with the help of the Activator
By the way, all CSFramework types have already been  implemented so that
people can use .NET Remoting in the future.

Now I've been working at the port Fortress.
when the first result is, I will send it to the maillist.

As for WMI and Mono support:
We are going to manage Mono support and I will test CSFramework and
CSContainer under it but as soon as the first stable release sees the light.

I don't think the WMI is the right way of our concentration, but we need to
consider new ideas why not but I think Berin wants to make the first version
as soon as it's possible and he is right cause so much of time was gone.

>As I mentioned in the beginning, I'm still pretty new >to Avalon but am
>trying to learn it quickly. I am also very interested >in a C# version of
>framework and a container and would love to hear >people's
>on what they would like to see and ideas of how to do >it.
I'll do my best to present the base Fortress # ideas but definetely there
will be not so many differences  that Fotress Java has.

BTW if you have enough time you can anticipate in the implementation.

and I'd like asking Berin (if he has enough time) to make a separate web
page for Avalon # and make the link from the main page as we decided before.
I'm dead sure it will attract much more people from .NET/C# world.

Best Regards,
  Yauheny Mikulski (Jeff)

"Religion is what the common people see as true,
 the wise people see as false, and 
 the rulers see as useful"     - Seneca

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