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From "Leo Sutic" <leo.su...@inspireinfrastructure.com>
Subject RE: Context Entries
Date Thu, 24 Jul 2003 14:54:10 GMT
> >> Just as a matter of curiosity, whom are you representing under the
> >> term *we*?
> >
> > The Avalon team as a whole.
> And just so I understand, where does this authority to represent the 
> interests and opinions of the Avalon team as a whole come from?

The vote that made Berin Chair. He's not "just a committer", although it
is in line with most leadership training to act as if it were that way.
Remember that the Chair is a "benevolent dictator"?

But that's not how it is being used now. The line that started it was:

> No it isn't. If you recall I had two objections before we could 
> release Merlin.

OK, so Berin has two objections before he thinks it is OK for the Avalon
Community to release Merlin. I see nothing that implies a position of
authority here that is above the authority of a committer.

As committers we *are* responsible for releases. This is both a moral
and a legal thing. If a committer thinks that he can't sign off on a 
release (which he is responsible for due to being committer) then he
has all the right in the world to raise the issues that prevents a sign-

Get those two issues on the table (they already are) and get on with 
solving them.

Frankly, unless issues with Merlin can be solved in a civil manner
(and at the moment that appears to be too much to ask), I see no 
reason to release Merlin as an Avalon product, as it is clear that
Merlin and its author isn't part of the Avalon community other than 
in a very formal way (it is hosted on Apache servers and you have
committ privs).


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