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From Shash Chatterjee <shash_l...@hotmail.com>
Subject Re: ServiceManager for life-cycle extensions
Date Tue, 03 Jun 2003 14:25:23 GMT

In looking at this further, can the following line be put at the bottom 
of ContextManager.initializeServiceManager():
              m_childContext.put( SERVICE_MANAGER, manager );

If not, can ContextManager have "final" taken out so I can extend it and 
do the same in my extended class?


Shash Chatterjee wrote:
> Berin and others,
> Used to be that life-cycle extentions got introduced to Fortress in the 
> container's initialize() method.  Now, I've found, the 
> LifeCycleExtensionManager is provided in the container-manager context.
> The problem is that the create(...) method of my extension needs a 
> ServiceManager.  In the old way, by the time Container.initialize() was 
> called, the service amanger had been setup/configured already, and all 
> we had to do was:
>    if (creator instanceof Serviceable) {
>        creator.service(m_serviceManager);
>    }
> This is no longer possible. I'm thinking that the 
> ContainerManagerConstants.SERVCIE_MANAGER somehow needs to be copied 
> from the container-manager context into the container context.  For 
> that, I have to likely extend ContextManager.initializeServiceManager() 
> or DefaultContainerManager.createContainer().  Those do not look too 
> easy to extend, I'd have to duplicate most of the code.
> Any ideas/suggestions on how best to provide
> the extension with a ServiceManager?
> Thanks,
> Shash

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