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From Berin Loritsch <blorit...@apache.org>
Subject [RT] Container Components
Date Fri, 27 Jun 2003 15:20:02 GMT
In order for us to be able to plug in different aspects to our containers, we
will need some privileged information.  J Aaron Farr (jaaron) outlined what
these things need.  It makes sense.  First let's look at the feasibility, then
look at how to make it work with a security model of sorts.

#1) We need to provide access to component meta information
#2) We need to provide access to container assembly information

The question is what interface would work best for this?

I would like to work with a basic extensible meta info library that is
lightweight, well-tested, and can be used in all containers.  We need
to work with the AMTAGS proposal, and fill in any holes.

IMO we should work with a Queryable interface as opposed to an object
model based one.  While an object model provides a certain ease of use,
it is not as extensible.  I am open to discussion on the matter, and
hopefully there will be reams of emails when I get back....

As to the Assembly information what do we need beyond the simple component
mapping?  What do we want to formally represent?

Also, how do we deal with components that have a lookup something like
URL protocol resolution (i.e. "http" pulls up the HTTP protocol handling
component and "ftp" pulls up the FTP protocol handling component)?

How do we come to a middle ground with Phoenix, Merlin, and Fortress?

Currently Fortress does not have any *real* notion of assembly, but it
really needs it.


"They that give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety
  deserve neither liberty nor safety."
                 - Benjamin Franklin

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