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From Berin Loritsch <blorit...@apache.org>
Subject Re: Maven/Gump Question about special changes to build
Date Tue, 17 Jun 2003 19:20:20 GMT
Leo Simons wrote:

> Berin Loritsch wrote:
>> Berin Loritsch wrote:
>> Well, I checked it out using IDEA.  The advantage of the new Maven
>> integration is this:
>> 1) IDEA can use the GUMP build scripts directly as long as you
>>    check the "Include Project ClassPath" checkbox in the ANT
>>    properties.  This allows us to verify the GUMP integration
>>    build without GUMP!
> depending on the content of your project classpath, of course. You'd 
> have to cvsco and cvsup all of the required libraries, compile them, and 
> add the results to your classpath. Otherwise there's no 
> latest-of-everythin integration ;)

For working with an IDE, you don't need the latest and greatest.  You
just need enough to make things compile and run.

>> 2) Even the Pre/Post goals that are in your project's "maven.xml"
>>    file will be respected.  Excellent!
> ehm, no? At least my IntelliJ won't read nor parse maven.xml files...

It's using the GUMP build descriptor, which is necessary for integration
with IntelliJ.  BTW, I am using Build 823 from the EAP, so if it doesn't
work with them now, just wait.

>> The symlink solution is still a question in my mind.  I am not
>> crazy about it, but I am also not crazy about copying source
>> files from one Maven repo (i.e. Fortress/Container) to another's
>> src/java directory.  I tried to do it in the target/src directory,
>> but Maven doesn't respect that.
> why do you need to copy source files? Do the tools/ need access to 
> container/ sourcefiles at runtime?

Yes.  THe tools make use of the util/dag/** stuff as well as the
util/Service class and the impl/roles/ServiceMetaManager for
various aspects.

They will not operate without them.  We were doing something like
this when it was at Excalibur.  BAsically the jar process grabbed
the necessary parts for the distributable.

> I think all that's needed to fix last night's gump failures is changing of
> <depend property="excalibur-fortress-tools.jar" 
> project="avalon-fortress-tools"/>
> to
> <depend property="excalibur-fortress-tools.jar" 
> project="avalon-fortress-tools" inherit="all"/>
> things are not making sense to me......

The tools JAR should operate by itself.

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