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From Berin Loritsch <blorit...@apache.org>
Subject Re: avalon-excalibur/logger refactoring
Date Wed, 11 Jun 2003 13:39:54 GMT
Anton Tagunov wrote:
> Hello, Gentlemen!
> Have just completed putting into the cvs
> my thoughts on *LoggerManager design.
> Maybe I was in too much hurry to commit
> this to cvs right away, but anyhow the
> code is already there.
> I would like you to have a look a give
> you comments.
> Please start at the
>     avalon-excalibur/logger/src/java/o/a/a/e/logger/Facade.java
> and proceed to
>     avalon-excalibur/logger/src/java/o/a/a/e/logger/logkit/*.java
>     avalon-excalibur/logger/src/java/o/a/a/e/logger/log4j/*.java
>     avalon-excalibur/logger/src/java/o/a/a/e/logger/decorators/*.java
> I hope that I have learned something from the designs
> in other parts of the system and here is the result :-)
> -=---------------
> The motivation was that
> * LogKitLoggerManager was getting crafty
> * there were disagreements on whether for instance the root
>   logger obtained from the LoggerManager
>   (getDefaultLogger() and getLoggerForCategory(""))
>   should be overrideable or not


I'm glad you are taking on the task of making it work well.
That's a good thing.  Please do keep in mind that this
package is used by more than one project, so please make
sure that we have backwards compatibility.

There is nothing wrong with clarifying some issues in the
classes, but if we change classnames, etc. we need to make
sure that the LoggerManager stuff still works.

Cocoon uses it, so when you are done with your refactoring
work, I'd like to test dropping it in Cocoon to make sure
nothing breaks.

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