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From Anton Tagunov <atagu...@mail.cnt.ru>
Subject Re: cvs commit: avalon/fortress/container/src/impl/org/apache/avalon/fortress/impl AbstractContainer.java
Date Sat, 28 Jun 2003 22:41:41 GMT
Hello, Marcus!

cao>   Enable logging for component handlers

cao>   avalon/fortress/container/src/impl/org/apache/avalon/fortress/impl/AbstractContainer.java

cao>                // do the handler lifecycle
cao>   +            ContainerUtil.enableLogging( targetHandler, getLogger() );
cao>                ContainerUtil.contextualize( targetHandler, m_context );

Great you've spotted this! You patch has also made me see that there
still is more cleanup to do, look:

public abstract class AbstractComponentHandler
    extends AbstractLogEnabledInstrumentable ...
    protected LoggerManager m_loggerManager;
    protected Logger m_logger;

    public void service( final ServiceManager manager ) ...
        m_loggerManager =
            (LoggerManager) manager.lookup( LoggerManager.ROLE );

    public void initialize() ...
        m_logger =
            m_loggerManager.getLoggerForCategory( categoryName );

AbstractContainer has

            final DefaultServiceManager serviceManager =
                    new DefaultServiceManager( getServiceManager() );
            serviceManager.put( ObjectFactory.ROLE, factory );

            ContainerUtil.service( targetHandler, serviceManager );

What do we see?

1) AbstractComponentHandler both
   * is AbstractLogEnabledInstrumentable
   * has it's own m_logger
2) It sort of enables its own logging but as late as
   in service() method

3) While it expects to find a LoggerManager in service()
   AbstractContainer fails to push it there

There is also one thing I like about this all: to me it makes
sense to use a different logging category for the handlers then
for the container itself.

I'm at doubt what to do, but clearly some cleanup is still pending :)


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