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From Anton Tagunov <atagu...@mail.cnt.ru>
Subject Re[2]: [GUMP] Build Failure - excalibur-datasource <--- fortress dep ?
Date Sat, 28 Jun 2003 22:06:09 GMT
Hello Stephen!


SM> Why is fortress-meta dependent on Fortress?

I think they share the


classes, don't know how to separate...

What makes it worse, I have just come back from vacations
and haven't got well planted in the new build system in
general and maven in particular..

SM> Can they be more cleanly seperated?
SM> Can Fortress meta be migrated to the meta package?


SM> Meta info (details about a component type) should be very closely 
SM> aligned with the framework.
SM> Tools to produce this meta-info should be totally container independent.
SM> Meta data (details about deployment of a component or set of components) 
SM> are much more closely aligned with a particular container.
SM> A common meta-info model that is container independent and addresses the 
SM> complete set of requirements across the three avalon containers is all 
SM> that is needed. Any tools that are container specific should remain with 
SM> the container that they are specific to.

Thanx for updating me on the terminology and the ideas! :-)
It has really been a long mail, but know I got to understand that
the terms meta-info and meta-data are used differenlty. And indeed
this has been a very clear description of which is which


A practical short-term solution about fortress meta data seems to be:
"let the fortress meta data generation code remain "married" to

But our original goal was to make a handful of excalibur subprojects
to compile both with and without fortress (in the latter case using
pre-generated meta-data).

This may be achieved by use of fortress-meta.xml ant script currently
located in sourceresolve. However I'm at a loss where to move it to
make it accessible to
  * sourceresolve
  * event
  * monitor
even when we have no fortress available.

On the other hand probably it's better to leave these projects
dependent on fortress for a while? It seems that it was some
other trouble, not a circular inter-project dependency error
that caused the failures, wasn't it? Just some side-effect of
migration to maven?


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