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From Anton Tagunov <atagu...@mail.cnt.ru>
Subject Re[2]: Question about moving mailinglists
Date Sat, 28 Jun 2003 13:57:29 GMT
Hello Noel and All!

NJB> FWIW, the Avalon archives are indexing again as of last week.
Great! It was dreadfull to have no fresh archives.

NJB> There is a big gap, still.  Apparently fixing the gap will
NJB> break some bookmarks if anyone points directly to an archived
NJB> message.  Does anyone consider that to be a problem worth not
NJB> having the full contents of the archive available?

Do I guess it right that this will affect only the messages
archived _after_ the gap?

If yes, probably it's better to reindex.
Let's hope that no one has recorded links to those archived
messages (or at least not many have done that) because

a) only one week has passed and they had little time for that
b) since the indexing has been down so long they probably
   did not look at the archives at all

And if it is to be done, the sooner the better!

If my opinion counts I'm

- Anton

It's the first time I write +1 after having been promoted
to be a commiter, feels funny :-))

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