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From J Aaron Farr <jaaronf...@yahoo.com>
Subject Avalon Namespace (was: Re: new phoenixjms)
Date Thu, 26 Jun 2003 02:00:38 GMT
On Wed, 2003-06-25 at 18:36, Alexis Agahi wrote:
> paul hammant is also very interested in having a phoenixjms upgraded & working. 

Okay, I'll start working out a way to update cvs with the changes I
made.  I'll probably send a specific email on that to you and paul

I wanted to ask about the name of the project though.  PhoenixJMS is a
cool name, but I think there are two problems:

1. AFAIK it's a violation of the Avalon Phoenix license:

    The names "Avalon", "Phoenix" and "Apache Software Foundation"
    must  not be  used to  endorse or  promote products derived  from this
    software without prior written permission. For written permission, please
    contact apache@apache.org.

   Just wondering if permission was granted.  
   (I'm a stickler for licenses -- sorry). 

2. It doesn't run under just phoenix any more.  :)

And one other thing:

PhoenixJMS uses the package structure:  org.apache.avalon.jms.*

Is that a problem?  (also perhaps in terms of licenses?)

Reason I'm cc'ing this to the dev list is because it addresses the larger
question of Avalon based projects.  If I understand correctly, the following
are all not legit unless given permission:

- Projects derived from Avalon with a name that includes Avalon, Phoenix,...
  ie- PhoenixJMS, AvalonJMX, AWF (Avalon Web Framework), MyAvalon, etc.

- Projects which state in their documentation things like:
  "Based on Apache Avalon"
  "Powered by Apache Avalon"
  "Avalon compatible"
  "Works with/in Apache Avalon Containers"
  other than the standard:
  "This product includes software developed  by the
   Apache Software Foundation  (http://www.apache.org/)."

- Use of any Apache or Avalon logos, icons, etc.

I'm not sure about the package structuring.  Is using org.apache.avalon.jms.* 
an "illegal" use of the package namespace?  Is it something one needs
permission for?

I'm asking this not just because of PhoenixJMS, but because all Avalon based
apps/components are encouraged to find homes of their own outside of Avalon
that way Avalon can focus on just the core framework and containers.  How
can these applications or generic Avalon components reference their Avalon
roots, or can they?  Is there the possibility of creating a "Powered By Avalon"
logo?  If so, what would be the 'rules' around using it?  What about the
tutorial I've been putting together?  I've been trying to set it up with the
Avalon site look and feel so that it could be easily submitted to the project 
one day.  Until then (if that day comes), should I remove all Avalon logos?

Any direction from the developers?  PMC?


  jaaron    <http://jadetower.org>

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