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From "Laurent Rieu" <partne...@fnac.tm.fr>
Subject [merlin] DefaultKernelLoader
Date Wed, 18 Jun 2003 15:23:33 GMT

Looks like the current implementation of the Kernel interface (DefaultKernel) expects a 'profile'
(ie a private Configuration object built from something like the kernel.xml file) to be part
of the context. However this implementation doesn't complain when no profile is found : an
empty (?) Configuration object is simply instantiated in this case.
This is fine, but the current implementation of the KernelLoader interface (DefaultKernelLoader)
expects a profile, and does complain when no profile is part of the parameters that are passed
to it in the build() method. What about adding a simple test in the DefaultKernelLoader.build()
method like the following :

public Kernel build( Map map ) throws KernelException {
if (profile != null) {
    // Build the Kernel configuration from the profile File
      kernel.configure( getKernelConfiguration( profile ) );

Everything would now work ok when no profile is passed to the KernelLoader.


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