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From Leo Simons <leosim...@apache.org>
Subject Re: Introducing jakarta-regexp dependency in sourcersolver
Date Fri, 30 May 2003 15:00:06 GMT
Bruno Dumon wrote:
> So I'm now looking at what is involved with introducing the dependency
> on jakarta-regexp. This is what I found out (please correct me where I'm
> wrong):
> * the jar should be added to the avalon-excalibur/lib directory
> * an entry should be added to the libraries.properties file
> * entries could be added to the default.properties of sourceresolve and
> dependend projects (xmlutil, fortress), but this does not seem to be
> technically required. Maybe it's only used for documenting dependencies
> or so?

these files are pending removal. I changed the build to use the 
libraries.properties file some time ago but I left the 
default.properties in so people would have time to adjust and figure 
things out :D

> * the jar should be added to the project.class.path for the
> sourceresolve project, and to the test.class.path for the dependend
> projects (xmlutil, fortress).
> * add a "checkJakartaRegexp" entry to depchecker.xml and call it from
> sourceresolver's build.xml
> * update the gump descriptor
> Anything else?

don't think so, nope. Besides updating the entire build system to use 
maven, so it becomes less complicated ;)

for your reference, there should also be some .txt docs in the excalibur 
root that attempt to document the build system. Irresponsible as I am, I 
have probably neglected to update them 8-)

- Leo

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