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From Leo Simons <leosim...@apache.org>
Subject [RT] you make the decision?
Date Thu, 29 May 2003 12:27:29 GMT
Many people, when they first encounter avalon, get the idea that the 
whole thing we do is totally irrellevant and that all of that code and 
the depedency on it in an avalon-using project should be ditched in 
favour of technology X. Some sample questions:

- why don't you just use EJBs?
- why don't you just use JMX?
- why don't you just use JNDI?
- why don't you just use Servlets?
- what is the difference between Avalon and J2EE?
- what does avalon offer that JBoss doesn't offer?

I am sure everyone who has been working with avalon stuff for more than 
2 months will have received these and similar questions. I've seen most 
of them on the users list. They feel similar to the question "can't we 
do this with microsoft software?" that used to be common practice :D


I think it would be nice if someone with a need or desire for promoting 
avalon, knowledge of all technologies listed and some writing skill 
would take the bait and write a "You Make The Decision"-style document.

You guys agree? Is there an interest in this? How should we approach 
things? What should be compared?


I tried to get this started on the wiki:


"The goal of this essay is to provide a basic comparison between the 
avalon server framework and J2EE. Since the JBoss project provides by 
far the best J2EE implementation available (and the only real open 
source alternative to boot), we'll compare using avalon to using JBoss. 
We look at typical use cases and code examples to provide a first-person 
view of working with these two technologies.

This essay was inspired by the "You make the Decision" document by the 
[Velocity] project."

food for thought.


- Leo

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