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From Leo Simons <leosim...@apache.org>
Subject Re: [RT (was: OT)] .Net better than Java in some ways
Date Mon, 12 May 2003 10:21:41 GMT
Leo Sutic wrote:
>>would it not be easier/cleaner to have the parser output 
>>bytecode rather 
>>than sourcecode and short-circuit the java compiler?
> Then you have to implement all the compile-time optimizations 
> of Sun's javac.

ah, cool, you're thinking realistically :D I could imagine, for example 
forking jikes (which is open source) and implemeting this kind of 
compiler-add-on functionality there. More work, I guess.

>>>Anyway, what the above would allow one to use Java as a base and
>>>create doman-specific extensions as needed.
>>potentially really neat. Any idea where/how/if avalon fits in?
>     using (manager; MyComponent comp, MyOtherComponent otherComp) {
>         comp.method (parameter);
>         ....
>     }

ah....yes! In the meantime, consider:

void service( ServiceManager manager )
     m_manager = manager;
     // ...
     m_comp = ServiceUtil.get( MyComponent.ROLE, m_manager );
     m_comp2 = ServiceUtil.get( MyOtherComponent.ROLE, m_manager );
void dispose()
     ServiceUtil.release( m_comp, m_manager );
     ServiceUtil.release( m_comp2, m_manager );

for encapsulating the try/catch :D

gotta run!


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