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From "Noel J. Bergman" <n...@devtech.com>
Subject RE: Future Direction for Avalon
Date Tue, 06 May 2003 00:48:58 GMT
> > With a SpearHead microkernel and something that does not explicitly
> > *require* A4 we can play around and see what works.  I want A5 to
> > focus on simplicity/simplifying A4.

I view Berin's comments as saying that we learn from A4, take the best ideas
learned from implementing Phoenix, Merlin, et al, focus on a clean
microkernel, focus on a clean "pure" Avalon container, and add compatibility
with existing containers.  The closer to the core, the more the need to
preserve simple elegance.

> > The all important question is if we as a community can support the
> > demand of three containers + the new one we are developing.

> There is already a significant level of interest in the Merlin solution
> to the containment problem.

If the Avalon V container is based upon the micro-kernel + container
services (some of which, to borrow a term used in other microkernel
environments, would be "personalities") approach, what percentage of COMMON
code do you believe would be reasonable between an A5 container configured
with a Phoenix personality and one configured with a Merlin personality?  I
think that subject should be addressed in a separate thread (so lets not go
into *details* in this one), but my point for bringing it up is to suggest
that it will be easier for the Community to sustain multiple personalities
if there is more commonality between them.

> the entire Merlin architecture and implementation has focussed
> on the absolute requirement to separate containment concerns
> from component implementation concerns.

Good.  Hopefully that has been a valuable learning experience that can be
leveraged when developing the A5 microkernel and container services.

> With an Avalon containment architecture in place the question
> of "which container" becomes irrelevant - your code against a
> containment API - not a particular container.

That was the goal of Workplace OS.  It failed, but not for reasons that are
germaine to Avalon.

	--- Noel

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