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From "P. Chrapchynski" <chrap...@computer.org>
Subject RE: Politics
Date Fri, 02 May 2003 02:26:28 GMT
ditto dave.

There are a lot of lurkers out here.  I've been lurking for about 8 months
and this "conflict" seems to be a recurring theme. Conflict resolution must
address the problem and not the person. Please seek a win-win situation and
not a bandaged solution. Things will only resurface later and potentially
turn people off.  I am relying on Avalon/phoenix for a server project and
the good will of the community to keep this slick solution afloat.


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From: Stephen McConnell [mailto:mcconnell@apache.org]
Sent: Thursday, May 01, 2003 8:08 PM
To: Avalon Developers List
Subject: Re: Politics

david.gray@hic.gov.au wrote:

>Speaking as a lurker on the list, I too do not like seeing this type of
>division. Makes me hesitate to actually want to spend time understand the
>software being written.
>I see a lot of technically very clever people on this list with lots of
>great ideas from whom I could learn heaps and you all obviously believe in
>I just hope that everyone can find their comfortably niche.


Back a couple of years ago (maybe three)  I was lurking on this like
much as your are now. At that time a similar scenario unfolded -
something less than comfortable - something that would raise doubts.
Your concerns are completely reasonable, however, there is a substantive
and qualifiable difference between the things I witnessed two/three
years ago and things happening today.  Two.three years ago this was an
emerging community, today this *is* a community.  The issues that are
being dealt today with are by coincidence similar to the issues that
were being address back then, but the context is completely different.
Avalon has grown, matured and evolved.  Today "Avalon" can deal with
these issues. That was never part of the equation before.  If I were
you, I would place a lot of confidence in the ability of the community
to address and resolve these issues.  BTW, I also think that your
question of niche is very relevant, but it is something does not fall
easily with a particular slot.  Don't disappear -  I am confident that
the different points of view will be addressed constructively and with
consideration of the real interests of everyone involved.

Cheers, Steve.


Stephen J. McConnell

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