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From Stephen McConnell <mcconn...@apache.org>
Subject Re: [MERLIN] release preparation request for assistance
Date Fri, 30 May 2003 06:00:51 GMT

Melvin Dave P. Vivas MCOM/3794 wrote:

>I could help :-) 


>But I haven't tried Merlin yet.  

Installation instructions are available here:


>Anyway, where can I start?

A big thing would be a review of the documentation - does the 
information make sence?  Is it complete?  Could things be explained more 
simply?  Do the example do what the documentation states, etc.  I'm 
writing up new stuff at the moment (corresponding to the questions that 
are being raised on the users list) that I'll be pushing into the CVS 
over the next few days.  Also, the examples in the tutorials (package 
merlin-smp/src/tutorial) are based on Ant - and it would be good to move 
these over to maven.  Or whatever gets your attention ;-)

Once you have an installation in place I can give you a shortlist of 
what is core and what is secondary in terms of the different packages.

Cheers, Steve.

>On Fri, 30 May 2003, Stephen McConnell wrote:
>>Merlin is an Avalon sandbox project that includes a set of containment 
>>facilities, a container, and a number of container extensions.
>>  http://avalon.apache.org/sandbox/merlin/index.html
>>The project contains generic containment facilities for meta management,
>>meta data generation, component assembly, deployment, and 
>>decommissioning.  These facilities provide the infrastructure on which 
>>the Merlin container is built. Te container provides support for:
>>  * automated assembly
>>  * pluggable deployment strategies
>>  * pluggable context management
>>  * hierarchical containment
>>  * composite components
>>In addition there are a number of extensions:
>>  * JNDI access,
>>  * Servlet support,
>>  * Maven plugin extensions
>>In addition there is support for interactive JNLP based JMX navigation 
>>and management in the pipeline along with more comprehensive JNDI
>>Over the last few months the level of interest and activity in Merlin 
>>has been growing.  In addition I have received several requests for a 
>>release of Merlin by people that want to get involved by really need a 
>>release before jumping in.
>>Doing a release has several benefits:
>>  * will facilitate broader feedback from users
>>  * will facilitate the expansion of the development community
>>  * will enable classic binary downloads for people without CVS access
>>In earlier emails I have posted details of the technical things I wanted
>>to clean up before a release - all of these items are now complete.  As 
>>such, Merlin is ready and suitable for handling application style 
>>component deployment.  When I say "application style" I'm referring to 
>>the deployment of components relative to a file system (as distinct from
>>deployment relative to an unpacked war file).
>>Some of the actions I think should be taken before a release include the
>>  1. additional tutorials covering:
>>     - custom contextualization
>>     - dynamic components
>>  2. complete the documentation about the James example
>>  3. add documentation concerning the Merlin/Maven plugin
>>  3. resolve a manifest generation problem that is currently
>>     preventing the proper management of extensions
>>  4. either release Excalibur Extension or include a fork
>>     under the Merlin project
>>  5. make sure everything is in sync with the recent
>>     Excalibur releases
>>  6. tag the CVS
>>  7. vote on a release
>>Any volunteers out there willing to help with release preparation - 
>>please let me know.  Help can be in all sorts of areas - validating 
>>documentation, packaging, testing, etc.
>>Cheers, Steve.
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Stephen J. McConnell

Sent via James running under Merlin as an NT service.

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