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From Leif Mortenson <leifli...@tanukisoftware.com>
Subject Re: [Fortress] Datasource and meta info
Date Thu, 29 May 2003 06:15:23 GMT
    Actually I tried this exact thing yesterday.  Great minds think alike.
It was not working because the services.list file for the main jar still
contained references to the services from all 3 jars.

    But good news is that I just tried it again, and it is now working 
Someone must have fixed something over night.

    I just committed the changes to the build.xml and default.properties 
to implement this.

Give it a try, it seems to be working great.


Anton Tagunov wrote:

>Hello Leif!
>Its weird but I have one way to go:
>we need a separate services.list for each jar.
>The only thing I can think of is to create
>a spearate directory under build for fortress meta-info
>(let's call it ./build/fortress.meta, just to have a name)
>and one subdir under it per each jar.
>Then we should run three separate collect-meta tasks
>with varying filesets each time and outputting to their
>respecive directories under ./build/fortress.meta
>Then we should correctly pack our jars.
>Probably if collect-meta task in this scenario
>does not produce correct results we should fix collect-meta.
>That's in theory ;-)
>WBR, Anton
>LM> Currently the datasource project is divided into 3 jar files:
>LM> excalibur-datasource-1.1.1.jar
>LM> excalibur-datasource-ids-1.1.1a.jar
>LM> excalibur-datasource-cluster-1.1.1a.jar

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