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From Leo Simons <leosim...@apache.org>
Subject [summary][PMC:Proposal] Opening up access to Excalibur/Sandbox
Date Tue, 20 May 2003 15:21:13 GMT
we basically have left this unresolved. Kinda not good as we want to 
apply the results :D. Let's wrap up.

Summary of thread
proposal from Berin: be open to granting karma on avalon-excalibur and 
avalon-cornerstone cvs to people who wish to work on components in those 
repositories, without "formal" avalon committer status (ie without the 
priviledges or obligations related to framework, fortress, phoenix, etc 
etc, or project-wide matters)

issue: commit/voting right partitioning? Ugh.
answer: no voting rights, just commit karma because it is easier than 
working with diff/patch.

issue: isn't the board against this?
answer: no.

issue: excalibur is not just components. We don't want cocoon people who 
work on xmlutil to have anything to say about fortress.
answer: we have here the technology limitations of CVS. We'll have to 
trust people to behave. Since they're ASF committers, that's a 
reasonable expectation

issue: an "avalon-components" (whether an avalon subproject or just the 
more lazy case-by-case commit access to excalibur/cornerstone) doesn't 
fit us; stuff should go into jakarta-commons
answer: good point; we had extensive talks about it on the commons list. 
Basically those guys think it is better to keep things like xmlutil 
here. See archives for commons-dev :D

votes so far
+1	Berin, Leo Simons, Nicola, Peter Royal,
	Carsten Ziegeler*, Leo Sutic*
-1	Paul Hammant

* these guys didn't vote as part of this thread, but have voted in 
favour of getting Bruno in, which amounts to a de-facto +1 here as well

Under our voting rules, this means the proposal has passed, if you are 
willing to disregard that the thread wasn't labelled with "VOTE". 
However, Paul's -1 is left dangling in mid-air.

What say you?

Paul, you want to elaborate on your objections, change your vote in 
light of additional context given, or just leave things as is and move 



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