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From Leif Mortenson <leifli...@tanukisoftware.com>
Subject Re: ThreadPool(Manager) with hard limits (was: Phoenix 4.0.x release?)
Date Sun, 18 May 2003 04:00:42 GMT
    You also might want to take a look at the ResourceLimitingThreadPool
from the excalibur thread project.  The underlying ResourceLimitingPool
supports the functionality of both soft and hard limiting pools and is more

    As a side note, I fixed a thread leak in the CVS head yesterday that
appeared to exist in any of the ThreadPool implementations.  Not sure
when it was introduced.  But if you test the above, you will want to use
the latest and greatest from CVS for now.

Also more to the Avalon team,
    I have a ResourceLimitingThreadPoolService which turns the pool into
an object that can be configured in any of the containers directly.  Where
are components like this supposed to exist now?  As I understand it
things like that are not supposed to exist in excalibur directly, and
cornerstone is more for Phoenix blocks.


Noel J. Bergman wrote:

>>Chuck a patch back at us dude - into excalibur-pool & excalibur-thread ?
>You don't want my code.  I just cloned ancient versions of your code, half
>of them out of attics, to coggle together a ThreadManager for the version of
>Phoenix we are shipping with James v2.  When there finally is a new RELEASE
>of the Avalon packages suitable for James, I will want to kill off our

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