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From Paul Hammant <P...@thoughtworks.net>
Subject Re: Phoenix 4.0.x release?
Date Sat, 17 May 2003 09:32:25 GMT
I've bumped several. 

AF to 4.1.4,

Logkit to 1.2.  (though I think there are changes in CVS beyond 1.2 
which was released in Feb).  Should we do a release of this? And bump to 
1.3 or 1.2.1 ?

Excalibur to version predeicted.  Note Pool now uses the huge 
commons-collections which uses Doug Lea's concurrent utilis (PD) 
package. Both are now in Phoenix libs for 4.0.5beta

I've not done anything the xerces or xalan ( yet ).  Need some thoughts 
on this.

- Paul

> Folks,
> Could we get out a new 4.0.x series release?
> I'd like to see the avalon-framework-4.1.4 jar that contains some 
> additions of wrapping ComponentManager (which we're already 
> distributing in EOB's CVS version of Phoenix dist-lite) and 
> Logkit-1.1.1.? changes for back-compat with JDK 1.3.1
> Also from Excalibur, Thread is now 1.1.1 and Instrument itself (as 
> opposed to instrument-client or instrument-manager) has gone from 0.1 
> to 1.0, Logger is 1.0.1, Pool is 1.2
> Lastly, Xerces is now at 2.4.0 as a download, we only distribute 
> 2.0.2, and Xalan is at 2.5.0 level but we only distribute 2.3.1.  I 
> suspect there could be a compelling reason why we do not upgrade.
> - Paul
> PS - Can we think sometimes about just having a X.x numbering scheme? 
> X.x.x.x ain't so much fun when vocalising to commercial orgs.

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