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From Jason van Zyl <ja...@zenplex.com>
Subject Re: http://lsd.student.utwente.nl/repository/
Date Sun, 04 May 2003 18:47:43 GMT
On Sun, 2003-05-04 at 14:31, Stephen McConnell wrote:
> Jason van Zyl wrote:
> >On Sun, 2003-05-04 at 13:52, Leo Simons wrote:
> >  
> >
> >>Hi gang,
> >>
> >>the mentioned url has a maven-style repository for all avalon releases 
> >>to date, and some development snapshots grabbed from gump.covalent.net, 
> >>and some hand-built development snapshots of fortress (probably missing 
> >>some deps like servlet support) and cornerstone.
> >>    
> >>
> >
> >If someone from your group wants to be responsible for keeping the maven
> >central repository up to date I'm happy to arrange access. Then we don't
> >have to worry about duplication, inconsistencies and it will be
> >reliable.
> >  
> >
> Jason:
> Could you set things up so that I can take care of ibiblio stuff 
> relative to what's happening here in Avalon.  So far this concerns the 
> Avalon work on Merlin and now Cornerstone.  Getting ibiblio in sync is 
> becomming increasingly important.

I'll let you guys work it out. It's not up to me who to pick but it's
something I imagine you want to work out amongst the PMC members or vote
on. I'm happy to get access to whomever you guys choose.

> Cheers, Steve.

Jason van Zyl

In short, man creates for himself a new religion of a rational
and technical order to justify his work and to be justified in it.
  -- Jacques Ellul, The Technological Society

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