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From "Leo Sutic" <leo.su...@inspireinfrastructure.com>
Subject RE: [RT] Avalon Bundles/Distribution Units
Date Fri, 09 May 2003 18:36:52 GMT

> From: news [mailto:news@main.gmane.org] On Behalf Of Leo Simons
> I've been looking into .Net internals some more as well. The more I 
> think about this, the more I believe what we are basically 
> trying to do is add everything from the .Net framework but C# and 
> the class library to java.
> The obvious thing we should address is "why not just use .Net?"
> An answer might be "because we need to do this in an existing java 
> environment".

Also, because what we're doing is porting language features over to
Java, where we already have the rest of our infrastructure. For example,
is there a Linux CLR available? A *good* *solid* one?

This may be what you meant by "existing java environment", but then I
think you underestimate what your "existing java environment" is:

 + Code, libraries, existing applications etc.

This is small potatoes. I think you can port Java code to .Net/C# quite
easily, if you *really* have to.

 + Programmers skilled in java development.

Consider cost of re-training or replacement. How long until they are as
with .Net as they are now with Java? If you bring in new - how long
until they understand the business as well as the ones you are

 + Sysadmins.

Maybe you have Linux admins. Throw out. Bring in people skilled in 
Windows admin. 

And, if you are selling a product that used to run on Linux, well,
revise your business plan so it works on Windows.

I'm sure all the above can be done - a CLR running on Linux (and
running well, no proof-of-concept BS) would solve much of it, but
really, is this something you want to do?

Switching to .Net isn't just a language switch - it is a whole-business

So the question is: Why use .Net when we can have it all in Java?


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