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From Leo Simons <leosim...@apache.org>
Subject Re: Excalibur Phase III List
Date Thu, 17 Apr 2003 08:27:38 GMT
Berin Loritsch wrote:

Release List
These will be released during phase III.

> Compatibility (with Naming)
> Fortress
> Lifecycle

seems like we have consensus on these three.

> Store
> XMLUtil

we've had some requests not to move these back into cocoon (I have 
received another one privately). I don't really understand why, but it 
may have to do (speculation) with the perceived monolithic nature of the 
cocoon distribution, where people don't want the kitchen sink with a 
storage utility. My suspicion is that this nature is going / has gone 
away, with cocoon providing multiple smaller distributables. It also has 
to do with people who are planning to work on it here, but aren't atm.

I am still not planning to work on them or even figure out how they 
work. I still think they should be moved back to cocoon, some other 
people do as well. If it is to remain here, I would really like the 
people with an interest in these packages to improve measurable 
stability prior to a release.

My vote is a strong -0 on releasing them during phase III.

"Expulsion" List
These won't be released during phase III and are looking for a new home.

> Extension (what is the location?)

IIUC, phoenix and merlin use this, Peter wants to move it into Spice, 
Steve wants to keep it where it is, and no-one else really cares for it. 
Hence it is still up for debate. IMO it is better for avalon (and 
phoenix, and merlin) if utility code like this is moved out. I have no 
problem with moving this to spice, and since that is what the primary 
author prefers, that sounds like the best idea.

I don't want it released as part of excalibur as it is generic utility 
code which has nothing to do especially with avalon.

> Loader (already removed grmbl)

apparently Peter's proposal is loader --> spice-classman. Fine with 
that. +1 on grmbl.

> ThreadContext (already removed grmbl)

threadcontext --> just die? Fine with that. +1 on grmbl.

> Policy (to Phoenix?)

Sole maintainer for this is Pete, and IIUC he wants to move it into 
spice. Fine by me. We can also have it sit around in excalibur or 
sandbox cvs for "a month or so".

"Alpha package" List
these go into avalon-sandbox.




- Leo

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