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From Leo Simons <leosim...@apache.org>
Subject Re: [proposal] AMTAGS (avalon meta tags)
Date Wed, 09 Apr 2003 10:46:01 GMT
Peter Donald wrote:
>>common properties
>>     [semantics=(ECM|FORTRESS|MERLIN|word)]
> Has no meaning. 0 information content means dumpable.

will you concede it doesn't hurt? If so, if others really want this 
feature, are you okay with someone adding support for it to some of our 

What do you think of the setup "a container MAY support"/"a container 
MAY ignore"? This kind of thing is common practice in many areas of 
software land; I think it is easy enough to understand for both users 
and developers.

We could additionally define something like "minimally AMTAGS compliant" 
and "fully AMTAGS compliant" to make it easier to identify what 
container supports what functionality. IOW, similar to "conformant" & 
"validating" with XML parsers.

Also, do you agree it is a good idea to allow more properties to be 
slacked on, letting them be ignored by containers that don't know them? 
It kinda makes life easier.

>>     @avalon.dependency
>>         name=ROLE
>>         [optional=(true|false)]
>>         [version=word]
> version should not be used as artefacts in java-land need to be versioned at 
> the library level and thus versions at interface level are meaningless.

same argument sorta goes here. Merlin uses it. I can't see what harm it 

>>general format:
>>     @avalon.service
>>         name=WI
>>         (version=word)*
>>         [shorthand=(string|quoted-string)]
> name ==> type

hmm. Is this supported in current phoenix? Is "name" no longer 
supported? If so, We should update 
http://avalon.apache.org/phoenix/bdg/doclet-tags.html. I volunteer. Any 
pointers where I should look?

> shorthand is container specific

yep, but quite a few containers support it....

> so belongs elsewhere.

so this is not a black-n'-white decision. I'm amendable to moving it out 

>>general format:
>>     @avalon.info
> dump it.

I am amendable to that view :D

> Untested

doesn't really need 'testing', does it?

> and goes against existing patterns.

what patterns? Where? What is the existing pattern?


- Leo

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