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From Leo Simons <leosim...@apache.org>
Subject Re: Documentation Format
Date Thu, 03 Apr 2003 19:01:24 GMT
short answer: forrest format, just keep at it. Long answer:

J Aaron Farr wrote:
> It's been awhile since I've worked on avalon (and I've missed it!),

good! You're getting addicted ;)

> but about a
> month or two ago I started a Fortress Tutorial.  I have quite a bit of stuff
> written up at this point, but it's rather disorganized.  My original hope was
> that it would be a basic "Getting Started with Avalon" tutorial.  I believe I
> can put it all together over the next day or two


> but I was wondering first
> about what format to use and about what other efforts are underway.  
> Specifically, would it be best to use the Forrest XML format


> (which is how I
> started writing it), or Docbook, or even just put it in the Wiki site?

if you can do it in forrest's format, that's preferable. Docbook is ok, 
but xdoc is better. Feel free to put it on the wiki as well if that's 
what you want to do. Chances are we'll be converting it into xdoc at 
some point in time then :D

>  Also,
> what are the plans for the "avalon-for-beginners" documentation mentioned on
> the "Getting Started" page (http://avalon.apache.org/getting-started.html)?

the plan is to ditch that in favor of the tutorial you're writing, which 
will be much better! This is stale content atm; it should die. The only 
reason I haven't deleted it completely is that you might find ideas in 
it you can use.

> I would really love to help on some of the documentation, but I feel I'm a bit
> out of the loop now.

I've actually been waiting with doing anything more to this area of the 
site in eager awaiting of the stuff you're writing! As soon as you're 
ready for some feedback or help, just send in whatever you got.

Not much has changed in the fortress codebase over the last few weeks, 
so you should be able to more or less start of from where you stopped.

> If there's some other area that needs more attention, I'd
> be willing to switch gears.

there's always more stuff that needs doing :D

I posted a list to the user list a while back; bugzilla still has some 
open issues and the jira list for phoenix is growing larger rapidly!

as with just about any OSS project, feel more than free to tackle 
whatever you feel like needs doing. There's no-one handing out tasks 
here, though I'll happily find you a task or 100 if you want someone to 
do that for you. The idea (my idea at least): if you have fun while you 
work, the results will be better, and you'll be back to do more!



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