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From Leo Simons <leosim...@apache.org>
Subject Re: CVS repository with corrupt entries ??
Date Wed, 02 Apr 2003 07:29:00 GMT
Joerg R. Schaible wrote:
> Hi folks,
> today I wanted to generate a patch, but I had to detect, that some of the
> files in the repsoitory have strang line endings (see my postings because of
> the loggers), preventing any usefull diff. Normally cvs will checkout using
> the correct line ending for the OS, but see the list of following files now
> having DOSish line endings although they should have a normal Unix \n line
> ending. In Windows all lines are terminated by \r\r\n. At least for the
> files in Fortress I can say, that these files were OK on 22th Feb.


> Leo, you did some perl scripting for the @year@? By chance - did you use
> Cygwin's perl 5.8.0?

nope. I used jEdit with jdk1.4.1 for that, which is supposed to know 
about line endings......

I know Peter Royal corrects line endings on files every so often, but I 
don't know what it is that corrupts them. Never really bothered to think 
about it.

It should be easy enough to run some fixCRLF util on the repo (I know 
ant has such a task...). Maybe I'll have a look this weekend.

- Leo

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