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From "Shash Chatterjee" <shash_l...@hotmail.com>
Subject Re: Instrumentation Help
Date Mon, 21 Apr 2003 23:35:43 GMT

Hate to bug, but we were looking at releasing initial Keel RSN, and would 
love for instrumentation to be a working piece in it.  Any help/pointers 
getting instrumentation to work is very much appreciated.

Let me rephrase the questions:

- Should I be using a different version of the instrumentation client, with 
the released versions of instr. manager/APIs?  If so, what and where? 
(recap: I built client from CVS HEAD as of a couple days back).

- If not, has anyone had any luck getting the client to connect 
(particularly to a Fortress-based server)?

- From the debug printout, looks like the client was able to retrieve the 
correct list of published services from the server. I couldn't find 
AltrmiGeneratedInstrumentManagerClient_Main anywhere in the AltRMI or 
Instrumentation JARs, so I am assuming this is a remote proxy of some kind 
generated at runtime?  Any clues about how I'd go about debugging this would 
help.  Particularly, since I don't know where to get the latest AltRMI 
sources/libs from.

Thanks in advance,

>There isn't a released Instr. client, so I built one from CVS HEAD.  The
>classpath points to the altRMI-0.92 JARs.  When I run the client (against
>the released 1.0 instrument/instrument-manager server started by Fortress),
>on the client side I get the following exception:
>[DEBUG] Attempt to open a new connection to localhost:15555
>[DEBUG] Connected. Listing Published Altrmi Objects At Server...
>[DEBUG] [0]:InstrumentManagerClient
>[DEBUG] Unable to open connection. Got an unexpected Altrmi exception.
>org.apache.altrmi.common.ConnectionException: Generated class not found
>during lookup : AltrmiGeneratedInstrumentManagerClient_Main
>at java.lang.Thread.run(Thread.java:536)
>[DEBUG] InstrumentClientFrame.shutdown()
>[DEBUG] delete()
>[DEBUG] close()
>Any ideas what I need to change in my setup?
>As an aside, I tried getting the latest AltRMI dist., but couldn't find a
>download link anywhere on the incubator pages.

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