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From Paul Hammant <P...@ThoughtWorks.net>
Subject Re: [PMC:Proposal] Opening up access to Excalibur/Sandbox
Date Wed, 23 Apr 2003 08:16:11 GMT

Without the 'commons' designation, people may assume/hope/demand right 
to vote on issues concerning the the wider Avalon. I don't think people 
should be granted wholescale access to excalibur or sandbox. I doubt 
we'd be allowed to create another avalon prefixed module.  I'll be 
resisting any joiners who've not done the prerequisite six months of 
patches.  Avalon is hard enough to understand without letting people 
rush in who _half_ understand it.

I'm out voted anyway

- Paul

> Paul Hammant wrote, On 23/04/2003 8.31:
>> I'll vote against this : -1
>> Partial commit/vote rights? No thanks.  Too many dynamics changing.
>> I'd vote in favor of Avalon-Commons though
> Could you please explain in more detail? I think there is room for 
> agreement here. In my head Avalon-Commons and Excalibur/Sandbox sound 
> basically the same...
>> - Paul
>>> I propose that we open up Avalon Excalibur/Sandbox to Avalon dependent
>>> projects in Apache land.  The short list would be Cocoon, JAMES, and
>>> FOP (?).  By opening up the CVS access on those projects, we can open
>>> up the support of those components to a wider set of developers.
>>> That will assure us that the code will be properly supported, while
>>> still allowing us to focus on the other issues.  It will also help
>>> foster a more cooperative atmosphere with other teams.

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